SFL MK7 + SFL VW /// Euro Tripper 5 Caravan
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SFL MK7 + SFL VW /// Euro Tripper 5 Caravan

SFL MK7 + SFL VW will be caravanning over for Euro Tripper 5 on Feb. 4th. Roll out is 7AM SHARP.

Be sure to purchase your ticket in advance and choose our club at checkout. 1 ticket per car (not per person). 

Let's grab some breakfast and (most importantly) coffee before we roll out by 7 am sharp. Show gates open at 11am. This will allow us to do some final clean up on the cars and meet up with some members who will be heading over the night before. The goal is to roll in and park together if we can.

Please remember to drive safely and responsibly as we cruise over to Ft. Myers - you will be held responsible for your own actions should anything happen. Speeding and/or racing will not be tolerated. 

It's a pretty easy drive over to Jet Blue Park. About 120 miles and should take a little over 1.5 hours. 

11500 Fenway South Dr. Fort Myers, FL 33913

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